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In the Summer of 2015, husband and wife team, Pete Houser and Tia Lambert, co-created the concept of a creative arts learning resource in Marin County to bridge the art world, the craft community, and the creative maker movement. The aim of Make Studio Inc. is to provide a stimulating environment for makers of all ages to explore the possibilities in the arts and crafts through educational creative workshops. Our intention is to help others get creative and to find the confidence to keep making! 


TIA LAMBERT | Co-Founder, Business Director 

With a BFA from UC Berkeley focusing on Mixed Media Sculpture and over 15 years of marketing experience for San Francisco based companies, Tia relishes bringing together her love for creativity, art and design with her passion for organization and story-telling.  

Her love of teaching began as a Teacher’s Assistant at UC Berkeley in both mixed media sculpting and metal sculpture. She is continually expanding her knowledge of art and education to create a firm foundation for the Make Studio Inc. curriculum.

She loves many forms of art making: graphic design, DIY crafting, sewing, painting, mixed media sculpting, floral arranging, cooking and entertaining & decorating. The list goes on.



PETE HOUSER | Co-Founder, Program Mentor

Pete has a rich and successful career in both music and art. He completed his BFA from Cal Arts in Animation, working for animation studios including Warner Brothers - Animaniacs and Cartoon Network Studios - Power Puff Girls. He has been a dedicated artist for over 20+ years developing custom pieces and branding using his unique voice and hand with materials such as pen on paper, illustration and painted woodcuts.  

He has been a music programmer for over 20+ years in addition to creating musical works for noted networks, including MTV and Comedy Central. 

He has a passion for drawing, cartooning, printmaking, electronic-music programming, card-making and pattern making, all of which have been great vehicles for showcasing his personal drawing style.  


  • Are you a maker or artist with a special talent?

  • Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others to help expand others artisitic skill?

  • Do you have a patient, fun and unique approach to sharing what you know? 



If the answer to these questions is "YES!", we'd love to hear from you.

Join our network of mentors! 
See you soon. 
Tia and Pete
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