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Make Studio Inc. was created by husband and wife team, Pete Houser and Tia Lambert. Our studio has evolved into a creative design and event planning studio with our roots always planted firm in how we can best bring creativity and joy to others.

Our mission is to provide unique and inspired designs coupled with organization and professional excellence, making your life easier...and more beautiful. Yes, we aim to make for you! We do so everyday through personalized events, one of a kind designs and custom art.   

Looking forward to creating with you soon. 


TIA LAMBERT | Designy Maker!

With a BFA from UC Berkeley focusing on Mixed Media Sculpture, over 15 years of brand marketing experience for San Francisco based companies, and custom event designing for any occasion, Tia has shown a passion for creating. She knows from the smallest idea, elaborate imaginative experiences can be brought to life. She relishes bringing together her love for creativity, art and design with her passion for organizing and story-telling.  

As a "Designy Maker", her passion projects are painting, drawing, event design, graphic design, DIY crafting, sewing, mixed media sculpting, floral arranging, entertaining & decorating. If there is a way to get creative, she's going to try it. 

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PETE HOUSER | Artistic Maker!

Pete has a rich and successful career in both music and art. He completed his BFA from Cal Arts in Animation, working for animation studios including Warner Brothers - Animaniacs and Cartoon Network Studios - Power Puff Girls. He has been a dedicated artist for over 20+ years developing custom pieces and branding using his unique voice and hand. 

He has been a music programmer for over 20+ years in addition to creating musical works for noted networks, including MTV and Comedy Central. 


As a "Artistic Maker", you can often find him drawing, cartooning, printmaking, electronic-music programming, card-making and pattern making, all of which have been pivotal vehicles for showcasing his personal drawing style.  

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What type of maker are you?

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