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AMAZING MAKER | Lisa Congdon

Here at Make Studio, we have love and appreciation for many types of crafters and artists. Individually, we have our own favorites. We sometimes need to take pause and work to understand eachothers favorites. When it comes to the art created by Lisa Congnon, there is no pause. Everyone here agrees...she is awesome.

A self taught artist who started her career originally in a law office. Lisa came to art in her 30s realizing her true passions and ultimately her talents were in the arts. She is a reneaissance woman known by many in many areas - antique collectors, sketchbooks enthusiasts, pattern lovers, illustration appreciators, printmakers, art lovers (to name a few) follow her work as she excels in each area equally. What resonates in all of her passions is her love of creating with a playful eye.

Photo credit: Airbnb blog

What makes Lisa's creations even more enticing is her fearlessness. It is clear looking at her work over the years that she is an experamentor. She plays in her studio, and is willing to fail in the name of art if it means trying a new material, combining new shapes, commiting to a new yearly challenge. She is able to express a mix of emotions in her work through her variation in hand, color and line quality. Paintings, drawings and illustrations can convey easily both softness and boldness, clutter and order, quietness and celebration. This quality makes viewing her work an entertaining experience, often leaving the viewer lighter and happier for having been in it's presence.

She is a promonent personality in the arts & crafts scene and is equally known for her authorship, teaching and speaking appearances as she is for the artwork she has created. She speaks openly about her experience coming to art, working to help others understand how to find strength in their creative voice. Her classes, collections and conversation work to help viewers/readers overcome their fears to achieve their dreams. This can be seen across her work beyond the studio.

In her books, Whatever You Are Be a Good One and Fortune Favors the Brave, she pairs her illustrations with collections of motivational quotes aimed to inspire.

In one of her classes on Creative Bug, Sketchbook Explorations, she urges artists to overcome the daunting feeling one gets when looking at those first few blank pages. We know it well.

On her Blog, she highlights 31 day to year long challenges that push her to explore her own depths as a creative, welcoming readers to follow along or join in.

In her book, Art Inc., she shares a guide for creatives looking to build their careers as an artist.

Every angle and avenue Lisa endevors shows a clear path back to an artisit rich with playfulness and light, shining her passions through her personal voice. She then shouts that voice like a beacon for us all to learn and grow from...and we are grateful.

"My mantra has always been 'Live your own life,' which essentially means:

make your own work & carve your own path."

- Lisa Congdon

Happy Making.



Name: Lisa Congdon

Known for: Artist (Painting, printmaking, drawing, pattern making), illustrator, author, collector, teacher

Born: January 17, 1968 - Niskayuna, NY​

Education: Bachelor of Arts, History, St. Mary's College, 1990

Nationality: American

Based: Portland, OR

Movements: Contemporary Arts & Crafts

Spouse: Clay Lauren Walsh

Related Artists: Jessica Silverman, Nikki McClure, Mark Hearldand, Paula Scher

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

April 26, 2016 - California College of the Arts (Joy of Swimming Book Event), San Francisco April 29, 2016 - Refocus Northwest, Portland, OR More...

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